Switching process

How does the switching process work? What do I need to do?

Gather your switching information

Gather all the information needed - for the most accurate results, we recommend using the annual energy statement your supplier sends or the annual gas and electricity usage prediction printed on your bills. You can see where to find this with our guide to understanding your bills.

You'll need to decide whether to switch both your gas and electricity. For each fuel, we'll ask you to enter your usage either annually, or over a quarter or a month. You'll also need your bank details ready if you decide to switch to a Direct Debit tariff.

Choose the best energy tariff for you

Go to Which? Switch and fill in the required information about your current energy usage and payment method.

You'll see a list of the suppliers offering the best deals for you and the amount you can save annually. The default payment method used to calculate savings is monthly Direct Debit because it usually offers the best savings.

Switch energy suppliers

Once you've decided which energy supplier will save you the most according to all your preferences, simply click on Proceed Online to fill out our switching form.

We'll ask for information such as your email address and, for direct debit customers, your bank details. Click on Confirm Your Details once you've completed the form and we'll send you an email confirming that you want to make the switch.

After you receive the email from Which? Switch, you'll have a cooling off period during which you can change your mind with no penalty. The length of the cooling off period is 14 days, additional information will be provided by your supplier. If you don't change your mind during this period, the switching process will kick into action.

In most cases, it takes up to six weeks to switch energy suppliers. Your new energy supplier will handle all the arrangements for the switch - you don't need to do a thing.

Switching to your new energy supplier

You'll be contacted by your new energy supplier. Some suppliers provide you with a welcome pack including your new terms and conditions, a Direct Debit mandate (if this is the payment option you have selected), and confirmation of the date your new gas and electricity service will commence. If you sign up for 'online only' tariff you may not receive any of this information through the post, but by email instead.

Other energy suppliers may just write to you to confirm that your energy supplier switch is being processed and follow up with more information as your switch progresses.

From then on, your new supplier will be responsible for organising the switch. You'll need to:

  • Contact the energy supplier you are leaving to settle your old energy bills - this will help speed up the switching process.
  • Cancel any direct debit arrangements to your previous supplier. After paying your final bill from your old energy supplier you should cancel any direct debit arrangements you had in place.
  • Take a meter reading on the date your new energy supplier specifies for the switch, so your old and new energy suppliers can amend their records.

Your new supplier will again be in contact within two weeks before the actual switching date.

If I switch supplier, how long do I have to stay with my new supplier for?

Can I switch without paying an exit fee?

Compare and switch suppliers

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