Preparing to switch

What information do I need to switch energy suppliers?

You will need the following details to switch gas and electricity suppliers using Which? Switch:

  • Postcode (as energy prices vary between regions). If you don't know this yet (if you've just moved house for example), we'll ask for the area you live in instead.
  • Current energy supplier's name.
  • The name of your current energy tariff.
  • How much gas and electricity you use each year (or how much you spend).
  • Your preferred energy bill payment method (you'll need your bank or credit card details to hand if you want to pay by direct debit).

If for some reason your exact meter reading can't be located during switching, you may also need to provide your gas and/or electricity meter numbers (known as MPRN and MPAN numbers).

To get the most accurate idea of how much money you'll save by switching, it's best to have recent gas and electricity bills to hand. If you are unable to provide exact readings, Which? Switch can give you estimates of your gas and electricity usage/bills by using information on your personal circumstances, such as how many people live in your house and the number of bedrooms.

To take a look at some sample bills showing the information you'll need to switch, visit our guide to understanding your energy bill.

How can I find out who my current energy supplier is?

How do I find my electricity (MPAN) number?

How do I find my gas (MPRN) number?

Will there be price changes soon? When is the best time to switch?

What is the best way to make savings?

What is the most accurate way to enter my current consumption?

Compare and switch suppliers

Energy Customer Satisfaction Results

Tired of poor customer service from your energy supplier? Use our Which? energy satisfaction survey results to help find the best tariff for you.

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Tariff updates are provided by Energylinx. Energylinx is fully accredited to the Confidence Code to compare energy for domestic consumers.

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Which? Switch provides consumers with a transparent and impartial way to compare energy tariffs and find the best gas and electricity provider for your needs.