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What happens if I switch and my new supplier changes its prices?

There's a chance your new gas or electricity supplier may make a change to its prices before you are fully switched. However, new Ofgem rules means that suppliers have to give at least four weeks notice of any price rises.

Those new prices will apply to your energy tariff unless you have chosen a product that guarantees the price you pay for a certain period - these are known as capped tariffs and they usually have a fixed term. You'll normally have to pay a little more for these energy tariffs, but they do ensure no further increases in your energy bills for a fixed term.

Energy suppliers have to announce any gas or electricity price rises to the general public, and the Which? Switch site will reflect those rises immediately.

If you have saved a switching quote and energy prices increase, next time you open the quote it will automatically update with your new results.

Which? is campaigning for a time guarantee if you change tariff - we think energy tariffs should be guaranteed for a minimum of 12 weeks.

As gas and electricity prices can change throughout the year, we recommend checking the best deals on Which? Switch twice a year.

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