About Zog Energy

Zog Energy is a new UK supplier which currently only offers gas only tariffs. It received its license to sell energy from OFGEM, the industry regulator, in 2013.

Zog Energy has UK based customer services and claims to keep the price of its tariffs low by running its business efficiently.

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Zog Energy Energy customer satisfaction survey results

We do not have a customer score for Zog Energy because we did not receive sufficient responses from its customers in our latest survey.

Zog Energy fuel mix disclosure

All energy suppliers have to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate energy supplied to gas and electricity customers and its environmental impact.


The fuel mix below reflects the year 1st April 2014 - 31st March 2015. These figures are officially updated published on the 1st October of each year.

Zog Energy fuel mix

Coal: 0.00%
Natural gas: 100%
Nuclear: 0.00%
Renewable*: 0.00%
Other: 0.00%
Radioactive waste calculations (grams per kWh): 0.0016
Carbon (grams per kWh): 360
* Wind, hydro and solar power.

Contact information

Zog Energy currently only offer online customer services.

Existing customers or those with a general query can contact them on hello@zogenergy.com.

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