About Npower

Npower is a wholly owned subsidiary of RWE Group, a German company. RWE Npower is one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the UK, with around 3.5 million customers. It also produces around 10% of the electricity used in the UK.

Npower was created when it combined the former electricity and gas supply business of MEB, Calortex, MEB Powerline, National Power Energy Direct and Independent Energy, Yorkshire Electricity and Northern Electric and Gas.

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Npower customer score

In September and October 2016 we surveyed 8,917 UK adults who pay for their household energy about their experience with their gas and electricity suppliers.

The percentage customer satisfaction score is based on the responses consumers gave for both overall satisfaction and their likelihood to recommend the energy supplier to a friend. Both questions are given equal weighting, and only those giving a valid response to both questions are included in the analysis. The responses are analysed and scaled to give a rating from 0-100%.

For a full round-up of the Which? Switch energy satisfaction survey results, see our customer satisfaction survey results page.

Npower fuel mix disclosure

All energy suppliers have to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate energy supplied to gas and electricity customers and its environmental impact.


The fuel mix below reflects the year 1st April 2014 - 31st March 2015. These figures are officially updated published on the 1st October of each year.

nPower fuel mix

Coal: 21%
Natural gas: 33%
Nuclear: 2%
Renewable*: 17%
Other: 2.10%
Radioactive waste calculations (grams per kWh): 0.00155
Carbon (grams per kWh): 418
* Wind, hydro and solar power.

Contact Information

Customer service for existing customers - 0800 316 3375

Phone calls: Calling Npower on a 0800 number is normally free when you call from a land-line but charges may vary if you use a mobile.

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