See how your energy company compares and whether there is another firm which might be a better fit for you. The companies with the best scores here, and which also pass our other tough assessments, are awarded our prestigious Which? Recommended Provider (WRP) badge.

England, Scotland and Wales – gas and electricity company results

Supplier WRP Bill accuracy Bill clarity Customer service Value for money
Which? customer
1. Octopus Energy (997)
70 %
2. Ovo (228)
69 %
=3. So Energy (91)
68 %
=3. Utility Warehouse (129)
68 %
5. Boost (113)
66 %
6. Utilita (205)
63 %
7. Outfox the Market (70)



62 %
8. Bulb (518)
60 %
=9. British Gas (1,930)
58 %
=9. British Gas Evolve (152)
58 %
11. EDF Energy (845)
56 %
=12. Sainsbury's Energy (65)




55 %
=12. SSE (609)
55 %
=12. Eon (978)
55 %
=12. Scottish Power (553)
55 %
16. Shell Energy (425)
53 %
17. Eon Next (342)
51 %


Results are based on an online survey of 8,803 members of the public in September 2021. Customer scores are based on satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. Customers also rated other aspects of energy firms’ service. These are presented as star ratings.

Firms must have at least 50 responses. A dash (-) means we received too few responses to calculate a rating. Sample sizes are in brackets.

See more detail on the best and worst energy companies.

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Customer score and star ratings explained

We calculate a star rating for each of the four aspects of service we asked customers about. The more stars a company has, the better. We also calculate an overall customer score for each energy company.


Bill accuracy and clarity:

These two star ratings reveal customers’ opinions on how accurate their energy firm’s bills are and how easy they find them to understand.

Customer service:

How well customers feel their supplier deals with their queries, including online and over the phone.

Dealing with complaints:

How well customers feel that their supplier resolves any complaints they have had.

Value for money:

The extent to which customers feel they get good value from their supplier. This is not necessarily the same as price.

Customer score:

Our overall score combines customers’ overall satisfaction with their energy firm and how likely they are to recommend it, if asked. It is not directly linked to the star ratings.


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