About Utilita

Utilita is an independent energy and utilities supplier offering gas and electricity provider specialising in prepayment meters.

Utilita was founded in 2003 and supplies an increasing number of areas across the UK. The company has installed over 25,000 smart meters in homes. Customers of Utilita can top up their meter remotely online, at a paypoint, by text or over the phone.

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Utilita customer score

In September and October 2014 we surveyed 9,404 UK adults, who pay for their household energy, about their experience with their gas and electricity suppliers, to bring your customer scores for the different energy companies. However, we're unable to provide a customer score for Utilita at the moment as we don't hold enough data from Utilita customers.

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For a full round-up of available Which? Switch energy customer survey results, see our best and worst energy companies page.


Utilita fuel mix disclosure

All energy suppliers have to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate energy supplied to gas and electricity customers and its environmental impact.

Utilita fuel mix

Coal: 31.1%
Natural gas: 34.9%
Nuclear: 29.2%
Renewable*: 0.8%
Other: 4%
* Wind, hydro and solar power.

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